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Giles Forster

Continuing to move with the times at HepcoMotion

“Relocating to Devon from the London area some 20 years ago, has allowed HepcoMotion the capacity to expand and to grow to where we are today. This is down to, in no small part, the high skill levels and hard-working nature of the local workforce, and we count ourselves lucky to have such a dedicated Team.”

Giles Forster – Chairman, HepcoMotion

Hepco Motion; bhepcomotion logo newased in Tiverton, Mid Devon, are one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers in the field of linear motion technology.

Much of their success stems from the revolutionary  ‘V slide’ system, invented in the 1940s by the late Leslie Forster, who came up with this novel way to address the problem of debris entering the sliding mechanisms in machinery.

Hepco have spent the last 45 years developing this system, incorporating it into their ever changing product line. They also invest heavily in research and development to assist them in ensuring their product line keeps up with the demands of the international automotive and industrial markets.

Despite considerable expansion over the last few decades, which saw Hepco start exporting their products across the world, the company still remains a family business, who invest significantly in the training and retention of their staff.

Like many businesses in Devon, Hepco chose to relocate to Devon from the South East of England, drawn by the highly skilled and loyal workforce. As Giles Forster, chairman of the company explains above, this relocation has played a considerable part in the company’s success.